The Madden 2020 SuckaFree Franchise Update: Season 2028, Week 12 submitted by Hawkeye (Dallas Cowboys owner)

Post WRITTEN BY Hawkeye of SuckaFree. (I did NOT write this but ok'd it. πŸ˜‰πŸ™πŸΎ)

The following is the Week 12 update written by Hawkeye of the SuckaFree Franchise (the guy who plays with the Dallas Cowboys). I do NOT influence his writing in ANY way. ANY user is welcome their own report/update to my email so I can copy/paste that mammajamma and keep it pushing. *strong emoji*

Knocking The Rust Off

Every year gamers around the world await the launch of EA’s Madden Football. For some the wait is disappointing and for others it’s like a fat kid in a candy shop. Graphics are improved, equipment is updated and different animations are added. But for the most part the game is still the same. This is a shot out to one of the veterans of SuckaFree, Lavar Chase the owner of the Tennessee Titans. Literally just now playing the game year 8 of the league’s franchise has made himself a legitimate contender in the AFC. This self proclaimed “booty” of the league veteran is flying under the radar. He dismantled his team year 1 for draft pics and has positioned himself as a frontrunner to contend for an AFC title and a run for the ‘Ship’. Regular season is one thing but them playoffs is a different kind of monster. Even though the AFC doesn’t look appealing there are a few users that can’t be over looked. The Browns, Bills and Jets. In my opinion not scheduling user games may be his Achilles Hill but for some learning to play with your team and to develop them is more important. Either way for someone to be considered a tier 1 player they have to be battled tested. They must have the respect of their comrades. They must possess the fear of God that a TO late in a contest will cost them. The wrong play called on offense or defense will switch momentum. And most importantly they must have that go to play on offense or that blitz on defense to put the game away. There’s no film on these mysterious Titans all we know is they were a bad team last year and now will be fighting for home field in the playoffs. A user like that worries me sort of like Big Prin of the Rams. He rarely says anything on the group chat but has a record worth paying attention to. The NFC undoubtedly is the better conference. And when boys come knocking at yo door the only way to handle it is face on. I’m always bring smoke to any user who wants it…. 

Thats my 2 cents y’all can keep the change.

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