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Gratitude Journal Day #91: Wednesday, 12/30/2020

Why keep a Gratitude Journal at all? (This is the saaaaaame intro for every Gratitude Journal entry. It’s here for the newbies to the journey.)

I try to start everyday with a Grateful heart. *duck face* Potna, I ain’t lying. You can check my IG accounts Queen/King. I get a lil raunchy on the Multiple_Sclerosis_Outlaw but I’m calmer, gentle with allthingsonelove. On both, I start my day sharing Gratitudes, stories of Gratitude and anything related to being Grateful. I’m dead ass serious about my Gratitudes because it keeps me present and accountable for my own energy. I recognize and appreciate the actions, words and energy of others intending me good. By starting my day with Gratitude, I have less MS pain, MS symptoms and MS depression because I’m actively pushing my thoughts towards a positive direction of Gratitude. My relationships with others are stronger because my Grateful ass notices what others do for me, to me, WITH me. *bows* I could go on and on and on and on about the benefits of being purposefully grateful buuuuuut… *whispers* Pssst, you know I wrote about it…

link to How I Know Gratitude Works!

Why I chose THIS to start my day…

I’m freaking out about my website’s recent downturn of views and visitors. When I say freaking out, I mean it too. It’s in my head, rocking my thoughts, interrupting my focus. As I scrolled Pinterest and the usual spots for a quote to use, I ran into this and it felt right. I need to calm down, settle myself, chill the negative thoughts, quiet the OVERthinking. I’m not a computer person to even know where to start but I do have Google, Wi-Fi and a serious dedication to solving this mess. Here. We. Go.

3.) First Reiki healing chant I gotta do something about these pain levels and general discomfort. Today, I’m breaking out the Reiki chant, white sage, beach sounds and early AM meditation. Nope, I’ve never it myself. Yup, someone did it on me before. I don’t feel like anything changed but that doesn’t mean it failed. My biggest symptoms are exhaustion and neuropathy. My feet are wrecking my attitude and affecting how I look at things. *fingers crossed*

2.) Got some FREE groceries! πŸ€œπŸΎπŸ€›πŸΎ YAAAAAAAS!!! We did the order/pickup service but added some stuff at the last minute. The employee ended up bringing us the extra stuff but said, “I couldn’t get the card reader to work right so Merry late Christmas. I’m not even gonna TRY to get another method of payment, enjoy your groceries.” *standing ovation*

1.) Finally SLEPT πŸ˜‹πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ A solid 6-hours!!! I only woke up to use the RR real quick and fell right into a deep slumber. I slept past my normal 3am natural wake up too. *cracks knuckles* Aight, what’s up on today since I got some Zzzzz’s.

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