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Gratitude Journal Day #341: Friday, 9/10/21

Y’all getting FLY for Friday? I haven’t yet but I got some ideas!

3.) Open House – Grateful we made it because teachers bragged on kid #4. As a parent, that’s an affirmation. Her school is brand new too, first year new, so she was proud showing it off. To top it off, the ice cream truck was parked outside for easy snacking!

2.) Beat the alarm clock – Grateful because I’m putting a schedule into place, order, priorities, all that stuff. Today, I even got yoga, meditation, Agency video and other stuff. We call this a productive morning.

1.) Helped the homie – This is another affirmation! Then, the fact we actually FIXED the issue? *clapping* In the future, I know what to do when something similar happens.

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