Gratitude Journal Day #781: Monday, 10/24/22

What and why I'm grateful today

Whatever Log! (Random thoughts, questions, opinions. I don’t catch enough dreams for a dream log.)

Self-care Stats x2

Yoga – 12

Meditation – 5m

Water – 30oz

Manifestation – Day 2. It begins.

Self-talk – B

Standing yoga poses – 0

Sleep – 6/4 (hours vs getting out of bed)

3.) Bucs LOST – I’m grateful to hear about PJ Walker! Bro. Homie. Gentlemen. I’m sick of Tom Brady. For another week, he and the Bucs and Giselle will not grace my timeline.

2.) Got SOME clothes washed – I needed my pajamas. Fall season and lower temps have me shaking more than usual. Doing these things for myself are wins.

1.) Those leftover fries! – As soon I get the brand, I’ll share y’all. She air-fryed those suckers and TWO days later, they held enough moisture to be grubbed as a whole meal. πŸ€œπŸΎπŸ€›πŸΎ. What a blessing! That kept me from trying a actually to cook something.

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