WE must do better to believe in ourselves.

This is it. Exactly what I needed to read and will save as a screenshot.

I talk myself out of offering services and products all the time. I have a powerfully wicked self-truth. I’m disabled. My illness is chronic. I’ve lost family members to the complications of the disease.

In my head, nobody wants to be coached by someone with so many limitations. I know this is self-doubt. I know I can help others, inspire others, lead Tribespeople to BE better.

I attend all sorts of motivational events, inspirational think-tanks, sign up for rooms and chats to hear the testimony of people who’ve overcome tremendous challenges. I’m rarely impressed, seldom find the message that sings to my soul.

This is why the post grips my imagination. I’m surrounded by, immersed in mediocre speakers. This is why I’m nodding my head in fierce agreement. I am the speaker you deserve to hear. I must believe in my potential, appreciate my story, more than fear deaf ears.

I’ll get there. I know I will. Opportunities are around the corner.



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