You will NOT regret paying someone’s worth

Boooom! I strongly disagree with how my employer uses me. Yes, I was hired to sales but within a year, I’ve become severely disabled and vision impaired. I struggle mightily with mundane tasks like typing, clicking through website responsibilities and even emails.

I know I would serve the company better in a different role. I can be a recruiter. My perspective, living with accommodations, succeeding despite limitations. I would benefit the company as a recruiter!

I would improve the company as an Educator, building learning environments that make training efficient, effective. Employee retention would drastically improve as their fears subside, stressors were addressed.

Alas, my company sees none of this. Instead, I juggle concerns of termination, my own health suffering from the pressure and negligence. I hold this job for dear life as it provides health insurance.

Maybe a decision-maker will read this very post. Stranger things have happened.



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