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SuckaFree Week 13: ⚠️Ya boi AIN’T clean. ⚠️

*munching on samm’ich* Yeah, no need for me to even play this week because I gotta give my DAMN self an auto loss for cheezing. My WR went over 300 on 7 catches. In a user vs. user game, that is cool beans. In a CPU game, that is a sign of cheezing/cheating/etc. We harp a LOT on stuff like cheezing/cheating/etc. so it is necessary to back it up. I THOUGHT the homie, Delma of the Detroit Lions, was cheating too but he showed proof and saved himself. Me? I ain’t NAN excuse. I was simply trying to goose my QB stats and over did it with one stinking pass! I should’ve paid more attention but *shrugs* SOMEBODY gotta pay the price and it might as well be me.

3rd time is a trend as Funky falls to Ant Joh again.

The game was billed (no pun intended) as the passing attack vs. the tough defense, the highlight stick player vs. the stable, play caller, the new vs. the old. It turned out to be a game of big runs, big hits and bigger plays. Ant Joh defeated Funky for the 3rd consecutive game and solidified his grip on the AFC East crown.

For the sake of a story, BOTH users had two players go over the century mark in rushing yards. For Buffalo, perennial, all pro, RB L. Pittman hit the 200 yard plateau. His first such game vs. users. Pat Mahomes dusted off his wheels and scrambled for his first 100 rush game, longest run only 21 yards! For the Jets, their backfield duo of Myers and Donaldson are becoming a threat to users. No stranger to big games, the duo excelled from the shotgun and coverages geared towards WR acqusition I. Smith.

The passers? *ROTFLMAO* Mahomes has been questioned since his big money signing and his play proves doubters right. He is over the hill and reliant on broken plays. The Jets QB, V. Rouse, has thrown multiple INTs in every single big game of his career. He feasts on scrubs and feeds the better teams.

Bowman takes a reserve QB into hostile Tamba Bay.

Bowman lost Baker Mayfield a few weeks ago. The injury made him ponder early retirement from Madden 20 and just playing Modern Warfare. Since then, he has revamped his offense, shrunk the playbook and stopped going deep. The reason? The play of backup Phil Cruise Missile’. The former Texas A&M product transferred to Northern Illinois when Phillip Harden arrived instead of competing for a starter role.

2-0 in CPU games and showing off his natural talent, the veteran has looked good and brings a new dimension to the SF offense. Baker could scoot but this guy can RUN. A distant cousin of Tom Cruise, Phil’s love for the game has always dogged his football career but a victory over Superbowl threat Latpack would help change that. “He has a little Jeff Hostetler in him but Jeff won the SHIP.” ~ miscellaneous coach

Rocket’s Eagles fly into Clock’s Arrowhead Stadium

Rocket clashes with Clock this week in a game of the silent vs. the assassin. Clock doesn’t say much. Rocket just tries beheading everyone until he faces Pickens.

Rocket 35 vs. Clock 14

Rayshon Thomas has done it all for Florida State. The senior plays football, 3.9 GPA in Gov./Administration, volunteers to tutor elementary kids and now, Student Body President of FSU. The Seminoles will not make the ACC title game but R. Thomas is the first scholarship athlete to win President in Tallahassee.

Deon Bird is no Deion Sanders but the former 5-star considers himself the next best thing. Bird was named All-ACC despite FSU’s poor record vs. top competition and mediocre season. Bird is a two year starter and has never given up a TD in man coverage during his play.

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