SuckaFree Week 17: It’s been fun witcha fellas

Wrap up on the final season with multiple users. THEY going to Madden 21. šŸ¾

Well, well, well. We are finally here. The last playoff run for SuckaFree on Madden 20 and I messed up a few people. Mainstays like Funky (Buffalo Bills and Original Commissioner) Hawk (Dallas Cowboys, 3 rings) aren’t even playing anymore. The current champ, Pickens, is out as well. We’ve had some good times with such a large group. At our strongest, it was 14 active users before dudes quit (Kaso was first to quit but he always is especially when he can’t beat certain people). This last ride will reveal who is invited back for Madden 21 and who is replaced. If it was up to me… I ain’t no snitch but I’ll damn sho call somebody out for bullshitting.

Bball and Ant Joh got into it and EVERYBODY saw it coming. Bball has quit on a few users when losing in the 4th (Again, like Kaso) so when it happened again, the fireworks came with BIG sound. Dudes threw slugs about each other spelling and family. *eyes wide* I thought Pickens and Ant Joh went hard at each other but these two don’t know each other at all so the venom was wicked. Bball’s shady history gives him no points and makes him look guilty all the time. He probably did have to get a car fixed but like Ant said, if he was winning, he wouldn’t have left.

This game was simmed and Ball should have lost. Jets vs. Raiders.

Because of my mistake and Bball’s surrender, he is set to lose vs. Clock.

Rocket runs over Delma

All you really gotta know is that Delma did good with 340 yards of offense vs. Rocket’s Eagles. That is really good vs. anybody. He used Mason Tyler to bust another biiiiig run vs. users, gained 250 rushing himself buuuuuuut then….

Eagles RB Sheldon Ramsay damn near outgained the Detroit offense by his GAH DOG self! Jeeeeeesus… *SMH* He also intercepted Lions’ QB Larry Johnson 6x. 1-2-3-4-5-6. *drops mic*

Bball vs. Clock in a pre-set game unless Clock want some.

Not me. I wouldn’t play Bball. I would bench my stars, take that W and roll into playoffs.

Conference Leaders and playoff’ers

The NFC is sending 5 users (really 6 but Pickens retired from Falcons.

The AFC is sending 5 users as well. Well, 5 bc ain’t nobody scared of the Titans.

Quandre Davis, power C, 6’5, 314, USC

Davis won the Dave Rimington trophy as the nation’s top C.

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