Finally, SuckaFree has kicked off Week One and…

King MuthaFugga, SuckaFree's FIRST blogger, takes a look at week one in the league. Hot takes, user beefs, game recaps and more all from opening week in Madden's flyest CFM.

*imitating DA ROCK* Can you smeeeeeell what these commissioners are cooking? *waves hand feigning stank* SuckaFree finally kicked off. Users finally got their chance to play. Bloggers, like ya BOI, finally get to… hell, blog. As in typical SuckaFree fashion, the kick off came with drama, questions and peddling for cheese. What I mean is the excitement between users over the Houston Texans WR KeKe Coutee!

Jaylin traded a #2 AND #3 for the young, promising WR from his hometown, Lufkin, TX

Rocket, Kaso and Jaylin all showed true interest in the East Texas product, Texas Tech, due to their own East Texas upbringing. Kaso & Jaylin probably went to school with the cat or related to him which drove the price and interest higher. In the end, Jaylin won by offering a 2nd and 3rd round in the upcoming draft. *shocked face* That is a LOT for an unproven WR but if you’re comfortable with your system and development style, it makes perfect sense. You play one of your favorite games using a REAL “homie from your hood”.

There was also (guess, there will ALWAYS be) drama with advancing the franchise. For the umpteenth time, there are two apps you can use to advance your league, set your status to RTA and other basic Madden functions.

Companion app used to go RTA, auto and check out the status of OTHER users. You can use it from anywhere but it is very limited with functions.

Remote app controls your entire PS4 BUT the range is basically, a few feet from the station itself. I use it to do stuff while the family is watching TV or mess around while wife cooking but don’t wanna start no mess over playing the game. *makes muscle*

User vs. User Recaps

Rocket and the Browns defeat Bball’s Ravens 23-9

Bball wasn’t really tripping on playing the league’s hungriest user. For the entire off-season between Maddens, Rocket has heard about his lack of championship pedigree. The Commish referred to him as “Marty Schottenheimer”. When the season kicked off, the Browns were dialed in and ready to attack. There was no “seeing what kind of team” they have. No talks of rebuilding, reloading or even upgrading. Rocket came to play and opened the season with a dominant win over the game’s 2nd best roster. Lamar Jackson was stifled. The Baltimore run game was non-existent. The Cleveland Brown?

Midseason form with the rushing attack and defensive stick skills.

Ol’ Skool vet Flu loses a close game in his return to SuckaFree, losing to Jaylin 14-20

Flu stated that he planned on building the Texans during this first season. He came back to Madden with no idea how many lil thangs dun changed. Jaylin? After a years-long SuckaFree absence, came back with the game’s BESTEST GAH DAMN ROSTER. Fresh off his money-making ventures, global pursuits and BALLER ALERTS, Jaylin was admittedly rusty with the sticks, speed and over reliant on Mahomes’ natural ability. He needed it all to barely survive an opening loss to the rebuilding Texans. Watson struggled all game with his reads and turnovers cost Houston a shot at shocking the league. On the other hand, the Texans did a masterful job of limiting KC possessions and only the insane T. Hill prevented their loss to the undermanned but scrappy southern squad.

SuckaFree Rumor Reports

SuckaFree welcomes MUTHAFUGGIN COLIN K back to this boooootch!! All season, rumors littered the landscape that Ant Joh would NOT build anything around his “savior QB” Sam Darnold and was seeking to break the stadium contract with the Giants. “It is time for the Jets to leave the shadows of everything Mara-related, stadium, revenue, committees and the like. 2020 seems to be the ultimate time for starting over and we gon do juuuuuust that with Colin K. #daREAL-BLM”

When Trason Parker walked to the podium, he had the Rosen smug, Rosen sleepy eyes and Rosen gait. For the entire press conference, he awkwardly ignored questions concerning his name change. “I just want to start over here in Indy. I have a powerful coaching staff that is known for developing players. Coach P. and I discussed how to improve my mental fortitude. He sent me to Iowa for fundamentals in football footwork, tackling and blocking so I’d appreciate the perspective of teammates more. I am a changed man and my play will prove it but Coach P. says I gotta beat out Jacob first. One day at a time.”

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