Gratitude Journal Day #223: Friday, 5/14/21

Yoo. Tribal tip for changing your perspective? Advice on improving your relationships? Curious on bettering your parenting skills? WRITE MEANINGFUL WHY STATEMENTS IN YOUR GRATITUDE JOURNAL! #wellness #Gratitude #BEbetter #Improve #parents #grateful #relationships #clubhouse #BEyou

Crunk Talk, 5.14.21, is Why your Gratitude Journal needs WHY statements.

Gratitudes on deck. I’m ready to celebrate!

3.) Named a Moderator – Bro. Dawg. I could write about that damn Clubhouse app just about every morning, day, etc. Lately, I was chosen to be moderator in one of those rooms with 100s of people, choose the music (IF I allow music πŸ˜‰), select which participant gets to give a 30-second pitch,… *winks* I can’t wait. It will increase my visibility, give me a platform to promote Gratitude Journals and practice my own communication over social media. Look, ya boi is disabled so I gotta figure some shit out to grow the blog like I’M growing.

2.) Business Meetings – I got a PAID web designer. 🀴🏾 I got a PAID producer for the TTWIF podcast β™Ώ (We share the cost actually. *fist bump* Now, I finally have a meeting with a real deal person capable of helping with creating a business plan. I’m so excited. On top of THAT, she prefers working with women entrepreneurs. She’s working with me, US, because she can see my tenacity and work ethic. I have NO IDEA what I’m doing, if I should, where I should, nothing. She chose me because of my workings and she digs my message. “Everybody and anybody can use that Gratitude to get better. You’re on to something King.”

1.) 1st ever book review – Today, it begins. I have a few items on my checklist, tutorials, meetings. I’m crazy excited and grateful about going on an established, internet show to discuss, promote and inspire folks with my own books! ME!

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