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mindset OVER bullshit w/ Kendrick Avant: Day 1 of 90: Monday, 5/16/22

mindset OVER bullshit w/ Kendrick Avant: Day 1 of 90: Monday, 5/16/22

Every day, I’m LIVING a life of Gratitude, EXEMPLIFYING how to be better despite chronic pain, illness, disabilities and negative thoughts. This has resulted in a positive attitude that extends my patience, announces my intentions & commands attention. I didn’t START with this inner G (pronounced “energy”). Nooo, I am building myself as I adapt to the consistent challenges of Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

This Daily Show is grounded in sharing the successes, struggles and shenanigans of one King with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. With a pandemic very much whistling outside our doors and options limited, people with chronic illesses deserve ideas, strategies and a dedicated space to share their experiences and fears. The mindset OVER bullshit University aims to be that place. I’m bouncing around the globe virtually, meeting people on Clubhouse (CH), Wisdom app, FB audio, OTHER people’s podcasts and shows just to gather insight and sprinkle tools of mindset OVER bullshit. Listen to learn tips for managing trifling kis’ behavior. Laugh as friends and family share personal stories that highlight entrepreneurship & influence. JOIN to share your stories, give value, ask questions of the community taking its time to appreciate mindfulness and mediation as sources of stress relief. 

Kendrick Avant, Agent of Gratitude, is a certified Life Coach & former Character Education teacher. He offers NO CHARGE resources to initiate tools of mindset OVER bullshit at home, in relationships and at the workplace. For anyone looking to invest in the mental health of others and create cultures of Gratitude, schedule your NO CHARGE consultation here.

Benefits include but not limited to:  

– reduce turnaround

– improve efficiency

– authentic communication

– infuse a culture of positivity

Topics for 5/16/22

*bows*: S/O Mothers *bows*

Intention: talk to the water

Call To Action: start being better 

Lesson: social selling uses a story 

King’s Care: tinctures in all water

King’s News: 60% entrepreneurs are aged 40-60

Queen’s Thoughts:  What do you do today that sets your story to unfold?

Goal:  do household chores

Yoo, real talk. Follow the blog at

audio-only… 5/16/22

Read the separate gratitude journal (images, links and video clips!) … 5/16/22

mindset OVER bullshit Day 2

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