5-star Review: R F Meador Public Library (Willis, TX)

My 5-star Review: R F Meador Public Library (Willis, TX)
It’s COVERED in instructions, warnings, COVID-19 signs now.

We’ve BEEN sliding to Meador since we moved out here in 2016. I’m a former teacher with 4 kids so that’s ALWAYS my go to when kids say, “Daaaaaddy. I’m BORED.” ļ˜‘ļ˜‰ļ¤£ļ¤£ Cool beans and off we go to check out books. I pay money for book reports so boom. I’ve always appreciated how the librarians stop what they’re doing to help the kids find something. We’re always invited to reading challenges, rewards, contests, everything. It’s a small library and my team has some drastic tastes but usually, we can find SOMEthing here. If not, there’s NO problems reserving books from OTHER libraries and we get them a few weeks later. #Love MY particular flavor, Urban Fantasy, isn’t kept in local hotspots so I go with reservations too. When quarantine snatched the easy socializations, we rolled into Meador and were blown away with the service! So, kids stay at FRONT desk and librarians bring recommendations out to them. High school graduate, 9th grader, 6th grader and 2nd grader ALL got at least TWO books! #Win



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